Where We Are

Every weekend we travel to a different farmer's market, village fairs or other location

so we can always bring the cheese to you! We have a wide range of delicious waxed cheddar truckles which make great dinner treat and presents for others. 


Check up on the below to see where you can find us, closest to your home!

Colchester Christmas Light Up | 16th November

Braintree Christmas Light Up | 19th November

Langham Handmade Fair | 19th November

Windsor Christmas Shopping Fair | 19th & 20th November

South of England Winter Fair | 19th & 20th November

Sandringham Christmas Fair | 18th - 20th November

Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fair | 20th November

Essex & Suffolk County Christmas Fair | 20th November

Olympia Eat & Drink Christmas Festival | 23rd - 27th November

Maldon Christmas Festival | 24th November

Sudbury Christmas Light Up | 25th November

Helen Rollason Christmas Fair (Chelmsford) | 26th November

Halstead Christmas Fair | 26th November

Cliff's Pavillion Food & Gift Fair | 27th November

Prested Hall Christmas Market | 27th November

Tonbridge Christmas Festival | 27th November

Battleswick Farm Christmas Market | 26th & 27th November

Crofter's Wine Bar Christmas Evening | 28th November

Kingsford Park Christmas Fair | 2nd December

Collier Row Christmas Fair | 2nd December

Braintree Street Market | 3rd December

Helen Rollason Christmas Fair (Trinity Park) | 3rd December

Pickett's Farm Christmas Fair | 3rd December

Coggeshall Christmas Fair | 3rd December

Billericay Christmas Market | 4th December

Feering Christmas Fair | 4th December

Mersea Light Up | 3rd & 4th December

Hertfordshire Christmas Show | 3rd & 4th December

Battleswick Farm Christmas Market | 3rd & 4th December

Bures Farmer's Market | 10th December

Colchester Christmas Market | 11th December

Wiltshire Winter Fair | 10th & 11th December

Earls Colne Christmas Bazaar | 10th & 11th December

Battleswick Farm Christmas Market | 10th & 11th December

Braintree Street Market | 17th December

Battleswick Farm Christmas Market | 17th & 18th December


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