B I L L E R I C A Y  B R E W E R Y

Billericay Brewery Evening
T U E S D A Y  2 3 R D  N O V E M B E R

Due to our last evening at Billericay Brewery being such a success, we're delighted to be back hosting another cheese and beer tasting evening again on Tuesday 23rd November!


What's On The Menu
I S L A N D S  &  H I G H L A N D S 

Isle Of Mull Cheddar

Irish Gubeen

Pecorino Sardo - Sardinia

Howgate Kintyre Blue 

Fougerus - Île-de-France

Coolea Cumin - Ireland

All platters are served with home-styled salted crisp-breads, celery, red and green grapes and caramelised red onion chutney

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