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Billericay Brewery
Tuesday 15th November

Winter is very much here, which is why we are embracing the colder months with a luxurious cheese selection guaranteed to warm you! Enjoy a cosy evening at Billericay Brewery with our new November cheese menu. Please ensure to order your cheese platters below, and book your table with Billericay Brewery directly, here.

What's On The Menu

Vacherin Mont D'Or

Only made in the winter months - rich, powerful and creamy


Westcombe Cheddar

With notes of citrus, hazelnut & caramel - perfect in front of the fire



A semi-soft mountain cheese, with a distinct layer of ash running through the centre


Windsor Red

A creamy marbled cheddar made with a mix of port & brandy


Wensleydale Blue

A creamy blue, with a mellow yet full flavour


Orange & Whisky Cheddar

A beautiful smooth mature cheddar with notes of citrus orange and a drop of whisky

All platters are served with home-styled salted crisp-breads, celery, red and green grapes and caramelised red onion chutney

IMG_7638 (1).JPG


To order for Billericay Brewery please contact us directly on either or 07962 219251

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