Billericay Brewery
Tuesday 27th September

See in the Autumn transition with a cosy evening spent enjoying cheese and wine with friends. September's menu is a delicious selection of cheeses from Italy, some say nobody does it better! Please ensure to order your cheese platters below, and book your table with Billericay Brewery directly, here.

What's On The Menu


A delicate and creamy cheese, made from a blend of cow's, sheep's and goat's milk


Raw cow's milk cheese, aged for 3 months, with a nutty and fragrant flavour

Camembert di Bufala

Classic camembert cheese with a creamy texture, and unique flavour from Italian Buffalo milk

Italian Pizza Cheddar

A creamy cheddar  infused with flavours of tomato, basil and garlic


Taleggio style soft cheese enriched with truffle flakes


Meaning "sweet milk", a milder alternative to other richer blue cheeses, with a sweet and delicate flavour

All platters are served with home-styled salted crisp-breads, celery, red and green grapes and caramelised red onion chutney

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To order for Billericay Brewery please contact us directly on either or 07962 219251