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Monthly Cheese Menu - December Winter Warmer's

Vacherin Mont D'Or - Only made in the winter months - rich, powerful and creamy

Westcombe Cheddar - With notes of citrus, hazelnut & caramel - perfect in front of the fire

Morbier - A semi-soft mountain cheese, with a distinct layer of ash running through the centre

Windsor Red - A creamy marbled cheddar made with a mix of port & brandy

Wensleydale Blue - A creamy blue, with a mellow yet full flavour

Orange & Whisky Cheddar - A beautiful smooth mature cheddar with notes of citrus orange and a drop of whisky

Cheese + Charcuterie Platter

  • Our brand new addition! A meat-lovers taste on the Grande cheese platter, with a delicious selection of dried meats including Prosciutto Crudo, Spianata Romana, Milano Salami and Paprika Chorzio - the perfect antipasti starter!

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