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Switzerland's Finest

Cheese is all the range amongst the Swiss. The country is well known for its wide array of creamy cheeses, they actually have over 475 different varieties. From mild to mature and soft / hard to extra hard, there is a variety of Swiss cheese for everyone’s taste. Alpine cheeses tend to be the most famous, with many still being made in small villages by the locals. We thought there was no better choice for our January / February board that a delicious selection of Swiss cheeses to see us through the winter months.

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Kaltbach Creamy - 60g approx.

A semi-soft, smooth, Swiss mountain cheese made using the finest Swiss cream and cows milk. The cheese is matured in sandstones caves of Kaltbach for around 4-5 months to help enhance the flavour. A deliciously smooth smooth cheese, with a buttery "melt in the mouth texture. Made from cows milk.

Red Wine Farmer - 60g approx.

A pungent cheese washed in local red wine, giving it a rich flavour which grows in your mouth. It is sweet and floral with a subtle smokiness, and its careful production allows it to keep its creamy and typical Swiss flavours. Made from cows milk.

Cave Aged Gruyere - 40g approx.

Made from a recipe that is 900 years old and matured in 22 million year old sandstone caves. When the gruyere is 6 months old, expert Swiss cheesemakers handpick a select number of cheese wheels to continue to mature in the Kaltbach caves for around 12-14 months. The result is the cave aged Gruyere which has a nutty flavour, a smooth yet dense texture with a slight flakiness. Made from cows milk.

Tete De Moine - 40g approx.

Featured on our menu back in Sept and a firm favourite that many of you know as the "curly" cheese! This is a full flavoured semi-firm naturally rinded Swiss cheese which is cut on a Girolle (a cheese curler) that shapes the cheese into delicate petals or rosettes. This cheese comes in cylindrical form, made from an 800 year old recipe, and is matured for around 2.5 months. Its strong and unique flavour comes from the rich grass upon which the cattle feed in the high mountainous North West Switzerland region. Made from cows milk.

Raclette with Truffle - 40g approx.

A brushed rind Swiss mountain cheese with the addition of black truffles and truffle oil.Delicious in its natural form or beautiful melted over meats and vegetables. It has a slightly sweet aroma with the intensity of the summer truffle. Made from cows milk.

Emmental AOP - 60g approx.

A mild and nutty cheese and probably one of the most well-known Swiss cheeses. It owes its name to the valley of the River Emme and can be traced back to the 13th century. The famous holes are created by gases trapped in the cheese during its 6 month maturation. Made from unpasteurised cows milk.


Traditional & Vegetarian Cheeses

The trusty staples that we all know and love, this selection is perfect for when you just need a cheese fix! We have incorporated some of the most famous favourites for you to enjoy, all suitable for vegetarians using no animal rennet. 

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Castello Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar - 50g approx.

Made in Devon and matured for around 17 months, this is a punchy cheddar with a crisp crunch. You'll notice salty crystals and a tangy aroma. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from cow's milk.

Rosary Goat's Cheese - Garlic & Herb - 50g approx.

A young, fresh, soft goats cheese made on the edge of the New Forest. It is light and fluffy in texture and flavoured with garlic and herbs. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from goat's milk.

Blacksticks Blue - 50g approx.

A unique amber coloured blue veined cheese. Known as one of the UK's favourite blue cheeses, it is creamy, smooth and delicious. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from cow's milk.

Somerset Camembert  - 50g approx.

A rich and creamy soft cheese with an edible white rind. A great British alternative to the famous French classic. Made from cow's milk.

Mouse House Cranberry Cheddar - 50g approx.

From the superb family run Mouse House Cheese Company with whom we've become great friends over the last year. This creamy and delicious mature cheddar has been infused with juicy cranberries - totally delicious! Suitable for vegetarians. Made from cow's milk.

Vintage Red Leicester - 50g approx.

This is an aged Red Leicester cheese, matured for around 18 months, with an intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury flavours. It is handcrafted and russet coloured with a delicious unexpected crunch, which comes from naturally occurring crystals which form as the cheese matures. A delicious twist on the traditional Christmas classic red leicester. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from pasteurised cow's milk.