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For April our cheese platter is curated of soft cheeses which vary in strength, flavour and richness. Most of these cheeses originate in countries known for their soft cheese delicacies including France and Italy, however there's also a home grown blue from Lincolnshire. Textures are at the heart of this menu with each cheese balancing the next perfectly, from the crumbliness of a Livarot, the stickiness of the Tartu Tallegio and the creaminess of the Brie de Meaux. 

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St Nectaire Fermier AOC - 50g approx

A French, semi-soft, washed rind cheese from the Auvergne region of France. It is matured on rye straw mats for 6-8 weeks, and has a greyish-purple washed rind. The cheese has a creamy, silky texture and melts in the mouth to give flavours of nuts and earthy wild mushrooms. Made from unpasteurised cow's milk. 

Brie de Meaux AOC - 50g approx

The most classic of all soft cheeses! Named after the town of Meaux in the French region of Brie, this AOC cheese means it has to be matured in specific regions. It has a milky, rich taste, with buttery flavours of truffles and almonds. Made from unpasteurised cow's milk.

Cote Hill Blue - 50g approx

An award winning, creamy blue cheese made on a family run farm in Lincolnshire. Made with the morning's fresh milk, hand-stirred curds and then ladling by hand, the result is this soft, rich blue cheese with it's lovely distinctive and unusual taste. Made from unpasteurised cow's milk.

Livarot AOC - 50g approx

One of the oldest cheeses from Normandy and also called "The Colonel" because of the 5 strips of raffia that encircle the cheese, similar to that worn on a French colonel's uniform. Considered to be one of the finest cheeses due to its melt in the mouth texture which releases flavours of salty lemon and spiciness. Made from pasteurised cow's milk.

Jacquin Ash Goat Log - 50g approx

A wonderful goats cheese made in the Loire Valley in the heart of France. Fromagaerie Jacquin is family-owned and run, and still uses traditional hand-molding techniques. It has a crumbly texture and is wrapped in ash to create a unique aroma. Made from pasteurised goat's milk.

Cassarigoni Tartu - 50g approx

Made in the Lombard region of Italy, this is a Taleggio style soft cheese with a difference! High quality truffle flakes are blended with this aged cheese to to give a unique flavour to a traditional cheese. Made from pasteurised cow's milk. 

Castello Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar - 50g approx.

Made in Devon and matured for around 17 months, this is a punchy cheddar with a crisp crunch. You'll notice salty crystals and a tangy aroma. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from cow's milk.

Rosary Goat's Cheese - Garlic & Herb - 50g approx.

A young, fresh, soft goats cheese made on the edge of the New Forest. It is light and fluffy in texture and flavoured with garlic and herbs. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from goat's milk.

Blacksticks Blue - 50g approx.

A unique amber coloured blue veined cheese. Known as one of the UK's favourite blue cheeses, it is creamy, smooth and delicious. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from cow's milk.

Somerset Camembert  - 50g approx.

A rich and creamy soft cheese with an edible white rind. A great British alternative to the famous French classic. Made from cow's milk.

Mouse House Cranberry Cheddar - 50g approx.

From the superb family run Mouse House Cheese Company with whom we've become great friends over the last year. This creamy and delicious mature cheddar has been infused with juicy cranberries - totally delicious! Suitable for vegetarians. Made from cow's milk.

Vintage Red Leicester - 50g approx.

This is an aged Red Leicester cheese, matured for around 18 months, with an intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury flavours. It is handcrafted and russet coloured with a delicious unexpected crunch, which comes from naturally occurring crystals which form as the cheese matures. A delicious twist on the traditional Christmas classic red leicester. Suitable for vegetarians. Made from pasteurised cow's milk.

Traditional & Vegetarian Cheeses

The trusty staples that we all know and love, this selection is perfect for when you just need a cheese fix! We have incorporated some of the most famous favourites for you to enjoy, all suitable for vegetarians using no animal rennet. 

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